Do you have something to say? Then it is time to say it!

If you’ve always dreamt of a career in radio or that little inner voice of yours agrees every time someone says, “you should have your own show, I would listen!”, then we have an exciting opportunity for you. UBN Radio is the web’s hottest new internet radio station featuring diverse shows, topics and music! We are always looking for passionate new hosts to bring their fresh ideas and content to help broaden the scope of our channels.

But why Internet Radio?

In the last 3 years, Internet radio listening has gone up 900% and reaches roughly 53 million listeners in North America alone. With too many regulations on terrestrial radio and expensive fees for satellite radio, hosts and listeners alike are enjoying the freedoms afforded by Internet radio. Internet radio is no longer limited to your computer; you can listen on your smart phone, any wireless device and is now available in newer car models, making the future of radio clear: Internet Radio. UBN Radio is proud to be at the forefront of the future.

Stop by and take a tour…

For a nominal broadcasting fee, we provide our hosts with a state of the art studio located in Hollywood’s legendary Sunset Gower Studios, with a relaxed green room for your guests and additional hosting comforts and amenities as well as the technology for our hosts to broadcast from anywhere in the world. Whether your show is for hobby or career, we leave that up to you as you choose your own advertisers and profit 100% from your ad revenue.

What you can expect from us at United Broadcasting Network:

  • High-quality stereo broadcasts to the world wide web

  • State of the art equipment

  • A highly visible website where listeners can discover all of the shows we offer as well as streaming and archived media

  • Two recording/broadcast studios located in Hollywood, but if you are out of town, you can broadcast from your home and through our system, delivering the same quality and branding

  • An ASCAP license that allows you to play any music of your choice

  • In studio video cameras for streaming during your broadcast

  • Instant archival and uploads of your show to iTunes so your listeners can enjoy your show on demand 24 hours a day

  • Private and public phone lines for callers and guests to participate

  • A host page on our website to help increase your exposure

  • A live chat room during your show for instant feedback from your listeners

  • A friendly and helpful staff to help guide you every step of the way from recording tips and guest submissions to social media and advertising

  • A supportive community of other hosts and other shows with a united goal: to succeed individually and as a station

Yes, there are other Internet stations out there, but here’s why you want to be with us:

While other stations provide a lot of the same ingredients to host your own show, UBN Radio prides itself on fostering a team environment and a synergism between its hosts and shows. There are no long-term contracts and no hidden agendas. It is your show and you have complete control over your content and your vision. We are simply here to support you and guide you in any way we can to help create the best product we can at Universal Broadcasting Network.

Ready to join or have more questions?

If you have a voice and believe in the future of new media technologies, what are you waiting for? Contact us today for pricing and more information. Before long, you can be reaching the far corners of the earth, the possibilities unlimited.


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