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International motivational speaker, life coach strategist, educator, and best-selling author Gary Quinn shares his valuable insights and knowledge with a worldwide audience via his self-help inspirational books, TV and radio appearances, digital downloads and numerous worldwide speaking engagements and seminars. Several of his recent books have become best-sellers in this field and are acknowledged as essential tools for those seeking to improve their lives, business, and relationships.

As a skilled intuitive, and trusted adviser to business leaders and executives. Gary is often described as an inspirational intuitive life shifter. His efforts have been called “life-changing. Using his intuitive skills he supports business, development, decisions, and helps create the mission statement for the company or individual project His goal is to help people take control of their lives and to make their life experiences better and more fulfilling. He has developed a series of self-development programs, corporate empowerment programs, and relationship transformational programs. His teachings begin at the core of the problem, addressing the healing aspect, and using his techniques and tools to create extraordinary changes. His corporate individual clients are CEO’s, Vice Presidents, Fashion designers, Marketing directors, and executives from many international companies. He has worked with individuals and business groups from Berkshire Hathaway Home Services – Luxury Collection, Amazon, Indigo Payments, Q4, ThinkGlink Inc., Bare Essentials Japan, ITV, Mattel, Merrill Lynch- Academy of Business Leadership Los Angeles, ReachME TV, Diesel, Amerifleet, Christie and Della Volpe & Partners Milan, Italy.

Gary is the founder of the Touchstone For Life Coaching Certification Program ®, which trains, transforms and empowers individuals to create extraordinary results in their lives. His teachings have been embraced by individuals from all walks of life including entertainers, athletes, and corporate leaders. Among his many coaching clients are Academy Award winners, Emmy Award winners, Grammy winners, and Olympic Gold medalists.

In his popular books such as The Yes Frequency: Master a Positive Belief System and Achieve Mindfulness, 31 Days to Personal Success and Living in the Spiritual Zone: 10 Steps to Change Your Life and Discover Your Truth, Gary offers readers simple but effective methods to access the true power within themselves: “Consciously or unconsciously you are creating your own life all the time.


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